Dormancy & Basket Uplift

TFG successfully used gamification in their marketing strategy to boost the TFG Rewards loyalty program, driving a significant uptick in sales.

TFG Limited, a prominent retail group in South Africa, has been collaborating with Hailr, a gamified marketing platform, since August 2022. This partnership has resulted in multiple successful campaigns, focusing on various key business aspects, including increasing revenue, fostering customer loyalty, and boosting purchase frequency across its range of brands.

Campaign Objectives

Goal 1: Increasing Revenue

This goal was the most challenging - using gamification to drive purchases, ultimately increasing revenue for TFG.

Goal 2: Drive Loyalty

The TFG Loyalty Rewards program plays a critical role in strengthening existing customer relationships and acquiring new customers. Hailr was tasked with driving acquisition of new Rewards members as well as rewarding existing members. 

Goal 3: Increase Purchase Frequency

Similar to Goal 1, this objective focussed on increasing basket size and revenue.

Purpose of Campaign

The purpose of the TFG Rewards campaign, in collaboration with Hailr, was to enhance TFG's brand performance and foster customer loyalty through engaging, innovative marketing strategies. Ultimately, this campaign aimed to create a win-win scenario for both the company and its customers through personalised experiences.

Take to Market

The take-to-market strategy consisted of promoting the collaboration between TFG and Hailr across multiple communication channels, including the TFG website (which brought just above 50% of users to the platform since the start of the campaign), in-store promotion, sms notifications and paid social media. Our gamification mechanics retained users and saw them return to the platform more than 3 times, while spending an average of just under 7 minutes on interacting with branded content. This resulted in 24 minutes of engagement per user.

Results of Campaign

The Hailr-powered experience attracted significant engagement and provided TFG with valuable first-party data. The campaign achieved its core goals by providing users with interactive content and rewarding them for sharing information.

Goal 1: Increasing Revenue

This goal was achieved through “Text Carousels'' which served as a tool to educate users on the latest promotions and trends. We also incentivised users to spend time on the Bash website through our Code4Coin digital scavenger hunt, and direct links to special offers. Upon completing a purchase, users received a unique code with which they could use to earn game points on the TFG Rewards - Hailr app. Lastly, we provided users with a video through which users could learn about the various products and services that TFG has to offer. At the close of the campaign, we observed a 25% sales increase.

Goal 2: Drive Loyalty

Another key objective was to strengthen the TFG Loyalty Rewards Program. This was achieved through a form input mechanic, which validated users’ Loyalty Rewards number, indicating which users were registered loyalty members. We then rewarded users through the TLC vouchering program, which only rewarded TFG Loyalty Reward members. This mechanic was used to motivate users to register as loyalty members. The campaign also ran monthly R5000 TFG voucher competitions and offered airtime in exchange for points. Ultimately, we observed nearly 5000 TFG Loyalty Rewards member sign-ups which gave us a clear indication that Hailr was able to drive brand loyalty.

Goal 3: Increase Purchase Frequency

We achieved this goal by incentivising users to make online purchases with direct links to special offers. A major contributor to this objective was our geo check-in mechanic, which indicated that just under 50% of the total user count checked in at stores. This mechanic had a cooldown period of 24 hours which restricted users from checking in multiple times at once. However it did persuade users to come back the next day which was crucial in achieving this objective. We observed that multiple users checked in at the same store more than once.


To conclude, the collaboration between TFG and Hailr has proven to be a fruitful partnership, achieving key business objectives and delivering measurable results in terms of revenue growth, customer loyalty, and purchase frequency. By leveraging Hailr's innovative gamified marketing strategies, TFG has been able to enhance customer engagement and gain valuable insights into its customer base.

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