In Person Product Activation Launch

Hailr partnered with Kentucky Town Durban as a companion app, driving event check-ins, real-world scavenger hunts and voucher giveaways.

In an effort to foster deeper customer engagement, gather valuable customer insights, drive event attendance and reward loyal customers, KFC launched the innovative Kentucky Town Play app. This unique initiative created an immersive and entertaining platform, which not only achieved key campaign objectives but also demonstrated the brand's commitment to providing exceptional value to its audience.

Campaign Objectives

Goal 1: Drive Meaningful Customer Engagement

One of the most important objectives of Kentucky Town Play was to engage with users on a deeper level through branded and impactful entertainment.

Goal 2: Collect Qualitative Customer Data

This objective focused solely on gathering customer information for customer base analysis and segmented communication.

Goal 3: Drive Traffic to KFC Kentucky Town Durban

Users were encouraged to attend KFC Kentucky Town Durban to increase potential sales and engage with sponsored and branded content.

Goal 4: Reward Customers

The final objective focused on improving customer relations by rewarding passionate users for their loyalty and showing users that KFC genuinely values their engagement.

Purpose of the Campaign

KFC partnered with Hailr to create KFC Kentucky Play - an immersive and entertaining web-based app that encouraged and rewarded customers for attending the KFC Kentucky Town Durban event, collected customer data and rewarded loyal customers for their participation. KFC focussed on fostering stronger relationships with its audience and strengthening its brand presence.


The Kentucky Town Play activation happened through a larger campaign activation for KFC Kentucky Town Durban. Event activation was driven via radio, in-store, and online. Once at the event, users were directed to the app through posters and event staff members.

Results of Campaign

Kentucky Town Play attracted a significant number of registrations and provided KFC with first-party data. The campaign achieved its core goals by providing users with interactive content and rewarding them for sharing information.

Goal 1: Drive Meaningful Customer Engagement

This was achieved through fun, branded content, including a code scavenger hunt, geo check-in mechanic, surveys and prize giveaways. The app also included a fun KFC- themed racer game that leveraged classic KFC icons, encouraging users to play for points. Points could then be redeemed for competition entries and voucher giveaways. Data showed high engagement numbers with more gameplays than registered users. This indicated users returned more than once to engage with branded content, willingly.

Goal 2: Collect Qualitative Customer Data

One of the core goals of Kentucky Town Play was to gather additional first-party data from KFC customers. User registration and competition entries collected email addresses and cell phone numbers, while surveys focussed on product sentiment and research.

Goal 3 Drive Traffic to Kentucky Town Durban

Another key focus of the Kentucky Town campaign was driving users to visit Kentucky Town Durban and engage with branded content. This was achieved via a geo check-in mechanic that rewarded customers for ‘checking in’ at Kentucky Town. After checking in, users were incentivised to engage with branded material through a secret code scavenger hunt. Once users found the code, they could earn points and enter competitions.

Goal 4: Reward Customers

The app offered two types of rewards - competitions and Kentucky Town vouchers. Vouchers ranged in value and type (food, drinks, sauces). Engagement data marked vouchers as the clear favourite amongst users. This underpins Hailr’s strength in providing users autonomy in choosing their rewards, ensuring re-engagement.


The KFC Kentucky Town campaign successfully delivered on its promises, offering customers an engaging and memorable experience while also providing KFC with valuable data and fostering brand loyalty. Through this innovative initiative, KFC showcased its dedication to creating meaningful connections with its customers and pushing the boundaries of customer engagement in the fast-food industry.

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Our app look-and-feel contains a theme editor and design templates. You have the option to supply our team with the required design elements or brief our designers in creating these for you.

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